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Our Vision

Our goal is to become a musical destination where you can show up any night of the week with the guarantee that you will hear amazing live music.  We strive to bring you the best local, regional, and national musical acts, and are continually discovering new and exciting artists.  Is there a band that you would like to see on stage at The Corner Pub?  Drop us a line and and let us know.

The Corner Pub is unique from other venues.  Not only do we offer our patrons a chance to see stellar live music in a friendly and relaxed environment, we also offer bands who perform on our stage the opportunity to have their show professionally recorded with our high quality audio and visual equipment.  Whether it is a livestream, music video shoot, live album recording or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered!

Our Story

The Corner Pub was the vision of Rodney Pool, known as the “Godfather of Downtown Conroe,” his wife Joyce and daughter LeeAnne.  The building was purchased in 2001 with the intent to add retail space in an effort to help revitalize downtown Conroe, TX.  “I purchased the building and decided I wanted to put a bar in—actually, they wanted a live music venue. Then it became a pub,” Pool said.  The pub opened in 2005.

The Pool’s passion for music is demonstrated through the fact the the pub showcases music six nights a week, each week of the year.  Other weekly events include steak night on Mondays, and 42 Night, Texas’s Favorite Domino Game, every Wednesday.  With a undeniable music vibe, eclectic atmosphere and friendly regulars who range from age 21 to 91, the pub is certain to quickly become your favorite music destination in Conroe and across the world!